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SPARK LAB’s mission is to create platforms for individuals and organizations across all industries, in order to make people’s lives more comfortable and joyful.

What We Do

SPARK LAB. plans to create platforms that start in Asian market which promises future economic growth and take off globally. We are not only creating platforms but also focusing efforts on raising brilliant entrepreneurs to create innovative platforms.

Who We Are

Jun Haranaga

Jun is founder of SPARK LAB in Nov 2015. He also joined REAPRA, the parent company of SPARK LAB as CTO in Sep 2015. He has affluent experiences about Technology/Engineering by engaging several CTO roles at Bracket, Piece of Cake and AGRIBUDDY Ltd etc. Jun has also created variety of web services and one of his accomplishments was handmade product market place “cooboo” acquired by GMO Pepabo. His career started from Yahoo Japan in 2001 and spent there for 3 years. Jun graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Shuhei Morofuji

Shuhei is Founder/CEO of REAPRA, the parent company of SPARK LAB. He is also the founder of SMS [2175, TSE 1st section] and has been CEO for 11 years. SMS is one of the largest Asian healthcare information platforms through internet in 13 countries. SMS has engaged in over 30 businesses and acquired/invested over 20 companies all over the world. Shuhei has brought up SMS in $500M market capitalization and has personally invested in about 10 start-up companies and keeps supporting. He graduated from Kyushu University with B.A. in Economics.

Takeo Matsuda

Takeo joined REAPRA, the parent company of SPARK LAB in Jan 2015. Prior to REAPRA, he has totally 7 years' successful CFO experiences at Groupon Japan (acquired by Groupon, Inc. [Nasdaq, GRPN]) and Enigmo [3665, TSE Mothers]. His career includes investment banking for TMT sector at Lehman Brothers and audit at Deloitte. Since 2013 Takeo has been personally supporting more than 10 IT start-ups in Asian countries by seed investing. He earned MBA from University of Texas at Austin and B.A. in Economics from Keio University.



Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of SPARK LAB and the holding company of the group.