• If you are interested in joining our group, send an email to Please include your transcript with a CV.
  • Please DO NOT HESITATE to ask me anything!
  • To Dongguk university students, it is recommended, but not necessarily, to conduct graduation projects, capstone projects or individual studies in our group before applying for graduate school.


  • Common
    • Strong self-motivation
    • Pursuit of achievement through effort
    • Creative attitude to discover research topics
    • Aspiration to create synergy through communication and co-work
    • Basic mathematics and programming skills
  • Specialty
    • Interested in classical music or can play any instrument
    • Who like sports and have been taking lessons for years
    • Majored in media art or design
    • Majored in mechanical engineering

Open positions

  • Human motion acquisition: RGB(-D), IMU, sensor fusion
  • Motion recognition using sEMG
  • Human skill transfer to robot
  • Dexterous and/or flexible manipulation